The website has been updated. It's going well at Playdead. Slowly moving forward. I've taken up sewing, I'm doing resource packs for minecraft and I'm drawing on a cool little project. Turns out that the way I've made footer of this website is that it automatically inserts a footer that has the naming convention "footer20xx.jpg" - this is all fine and dandy, unless you forget to create a new one for the coming year. This always takes me a couple of minutes to figure out every third year when i create three more. Now I got it covered up until 2027. Great!


My good friend and colleague Apoorva Joshi (AJ) pointed out that there was nothing on the blog part of this site. Since it has been years since I last gave this site a thought I was like: Na I don't have a blog on the site. AJ said: No there really is a blog option in the menu bar. I was like: Na I don't recall ... then I looked. There is a blog option in the menu. THIS is the damn blog section! And I couldn't even remember. Anyway, it turns out that MYSQL has changed to now go by the name MYSQLi and PHP has grown to be a strong 7, so ev-e-ry-thi-i-ing was wrong everywhere. I tried to get things straightened but I caved in and found a MYSQLi converter on the net, used it - still didn't work. Read some things, tried to change some codes here and there, figured out that the converter did some dumb mistakes, corrected them, and Voila! It now works again. The graphics section was also belly upped, so I had to fix that as well. Phew. If you too need to convert MYSQL to MYSQLi then use this: ------ https://www.seabreezecomputers.com/mysql2mysqli/ ------ and remember it will actually not work, but minor changes here and there will be sufficient to make the code work.


Years have passed. INSIDE has done well, winning over 100 prizes here and there. Including 5 BAFTAS, Dice Awards and countless Game of the Year awards (GOTY). The audience have received the game positively as well - pondering about the meaning of things and the story in general. At Playdead we are now working full-time on the next project. Little information have been released about it, only a few art pieces and some tidbits of information by our founder and director Arnt Jensen. I was in an interview with my childhood dream magazine Famitsu. We had a blast talking about project3 and INSIDE. It was quite fun to talk to the two reporters through a very sweet translator Hiromi who have also been working with Ueda-san and Nintendo.


I've added a couple of my Rumrsk drawings in the gallery. The Rumrsk collection is a collection of physical pieces of art done on paper with Fineliners and markers, then cut out, put onto large pieces of black carton with white motion-blurred stars drawn onto. At this point I have 7 of them ranging from 20x20 cm all the way up to more than 40x50 cm. I've made manual reproductions of them, which is done the same way as the originals but instead of the original drawings on paper I've printed the drawings on photopaper. In many ways the repros are finer and of higher quality, colors are more vibrant - but they are not ORIGINAL-original. They can be bought if one would be interested, but since I really don't want to sell them that badly they do come at a price. Repros: 250 USD. Originals: 20.000 USD


INSIDE is now out on XBox One, PS4 and steam (PC) - the reception has been fantastic. Stellar reviews across the board, amazing "lets-plays"... incredibly funny reactions towards "the end" of the game... where things get hairy. People are really taking a notice to the animation as well! All the little details I've put into the boy and his surroundings has almost been uncovered and with great pleasure from the audience.


INSIDE releases today for XBox One, and it receives stellar reviews. IGN 10/10, Giant Bomb 5/5, Polygon 9.5/10 - It's incredible!


With PROXEMIT out of the way - well at least somewhat out of the way - I've started working on something with a yellow robot. I don't know exactly what it'll be yet, but I have some pretty nice ideas. For now it'll be a sort of interactive piece of animated, living pixel-art. See: Yellow robot in the pixel-art row of the Graphics section. All progress has been shared on my Instagram profile and it has garnered alot of great responses. On my Instagram page there are videos and pixel-art pieces for the "what-ever-it'll-be" game.


PROXEMIT - my little crappy and very personal game is taking shape. I know why I've latched onto it, so I'm not going to hide it. It's something I must do, I must finish it, to show myself that I can. The game is a Minimalist Adventure Escape Quest with upgrades, obstacles, puzzles and a **** to **** **** **. I can't wait for it to be done though - there are other more interesting games for me to make. However PROXEMIT is a offspring of countless attempts at making something, just something. Every time I started a new game project I corner myself very quickly by having too much ambition and too little skill. So with every new project a massive reduction in scope had to be made. PROXEMIT is the result of that degrade. And it's nearly done! ^_^


YAY! Finally INSIDE is now official. The successor to LIMBO will be coming out sometime Q1 2015 if all goes well. The Microsoft Press Conf. at E3 went amazingly well - the presenter, Phil Spencer, had a couple of words to share with the audience about LIMBO and his experience with it. He even wore a LIMBO t-shirt during the presentation. The entire show was "shootys" and "monstys" and after an hour of that our little title filled the screen with darkness, quiet, breath. The style of the INSIDE trailer is reminiscent of the Dogme movement by danish directors during the 90'ies.


Animation Tag Attack is (being an "exquisite corpse" I might as well say are) going fantastically! Winning prizes in and love all over the world. I think we are all happy that Christen kind of drove it like his own baby - I would have wished that I could have done it with him though. It started out as equally Mads Juul's, Christen's and my pet project, but I can only take my hat off and call it Christen's pet project now. He has given ATA so much attention.


Happy new year. I've looked into the stupid footer and the small lines going from the footer to the top, and awkwardly enough css does not support fixed vertical scrolling and normal horizontal scrolling. So I don't know what to do anymore, I'll leave it be for the time being. Everything going well at Playdead - it is the most amazing games developer to work with I am sure. I sure hope the audience will enjoy the game and realise the effort put into it.


Just realized that some of the elements of the site was "shading" underlying buttons and clickable elements. Very pro. Anyway it has been fixed.


Sono pointed a few flaws out that i've taken care of. It's hard to get the time to do everything you wanna do. I had a hunch that visitors had a hard time figuring out to scroll down because of the concrete footer at the bottom. I think and hope it has helped with a "scroll down" note in the left side of the site, with an arrow leading down into the depths of the site. Fingers crossed.


Finally the new design I was talking about in the earlier update is done. There is still alot of bugs and stuff I need to take care of in the CSS, PHP and HTML side of things, but I'll manage for now. Also, the site is currently Chrome only, so who knows how IE will treat it. HAHAHA. I got myself a daughter 3 weeks ago, and as usual the father can take a leave for 14 days. So I've had fun with my daughter, played Uncharted 3 and in the last couple of days of my leave I figured; Why not redesign my old, totally unprofessional-looking, purple website and replace it with something more enticing. So I did, and I'm happy about it. I still need to figure out how to implement the "Network" section where I have links to people I like to link to. At the moment I work at Playdead, which made the "Indie" smashhit and community darling Limbo. It went on to win over 90 prizes and I liked it alot myself so I am very happy to be working with them at their next title. I'm the only animator, so alot of responsibility comes with the job.


Also I've recently made my acquaintance with a little humble application called Game Maker - maybe something will come of it some day. Bought a new computer as well, after having finished a pretty frustrating assignment using CAT in 3D Studio Max. It was a pain to get stuff to work - the whole idea behind it is pretty neat, but the execution of it fails. Anyway I hacked and slashed my way through it, and with the pay I bought myself a pretty nice Asus G74SX. Yes the G stands for gamers - but whatever. A friend of mine came along, wiped it, and we re-installed it all. He also gave me 8 gigabytes of ram to add to the 6 gigabytes it came with. Sweet!


Alot has happened in the past years. I've been through a completely crazy, but in hindsight fun, employment at danish animation company Copenhagen Bombay. I worked there as Production Designer, animator, compositing and effects on The Great Bear feature animated movie. It turned out pretty well! After that I shifted to another company called Einstein Film. I've worked with the two guys in charge there once before, and they are like family to me. The feature film "Ronal The Barbarian" is premiering later this month and I'm looking so much forward to seeing it in it's final form. In the movie I have a whole sequence where I've animated the testicles of the main character. HAHAHA


WTF Action, which is an animator micro short I made in flash, has been added to the animation section. It went on to garner over 50.000 views, which for me is a great deal. People seemed to love the scene where StarMan places a grenade "inside"(cough) an ESM soldier. I just got my first business cards! yay. I've got no one to give them to though, and I'll estimate that I can only hand out 30 before I redesign and make a new batch. Have a fantastic day!


Updating the site takes time. I realized that everything looked like crap in FireFox, so the clean-up has begun. I want to make a major update in the design, and I'm currently looking into things. It seems like the Animalogic.com website is running smoothly even though it is a 2000x1200 flash driven site with giant (upscaled, yes, but giant) pictures for backgrounds. smeee


After almost a year of production design i finally switched to the animation department. Boy i've been waiting for this. I feals great to be part of so many aspects of a feature production. Sadly I still cannot dedicate myself 100% to the action on screen - There are still many things which needs to be made and prepped for others to use. Lawrence Marvit (pixar dude, and former mentor/teacher) came to visit me and my director a couple of times the last weeks. He and I talked about colors, colorscripts and shapelanguage. Amazingly interesting. I would love to one day be able to "take my time" with exactly that.


Not much is going on. Just cranking out there at work, along with small freelance jobs to give life some sweetness. I've added some new sketches from the steampunk challenge on cgtalk.


It has been years since I colored a "real-life" sketch in PS. And it is actually quite fun. Working with compositing for half-a-year have taught me a couple of tricks to make a sketch look alot better. Such as distortion of channels, sharpen, noise, depth of field and some nice glow effects. So I've uploaded 5 or 6 pieces the last two days, and I feel like I've had a great weekend. Ahhhhhh. Too bad the uploads aren't big works of art but rather more like design sheets. But still.


- Oh and I got my self a smiley: /|:i} -Depending on the font, I look more or less like me. Hat - eyes - mouth - and a beard. hehe


Lastly- a network section has been added, with the people I'd like to recommend or just highlight. Also in the network section I've added my "hOLY f bLOG" and "Color Thief". Color Thief being a good friend with whom I've made a couple of websites and other graphical work with.


Also the site has been updated more than the eye can tell. There is now a stupid click counter at the bottom. It sucks, but at least it gives me a hunch about how many visitors drop by. I got "Apple and the Worm", also a Copenhagen Bombay feature, on my CV as well. I did a sequence in there, which turned out nicely.


I am now working as Production Designer on "The Great Bear" at danish animation studio Copenhagen Bombay. Together with the director, Esben Toft, I figure out how backgrounds and characters should look like. It's nice to draw again, after a long period of animation. But as I draw each day, I miss animating alot. In a couple of months we start animation, and I'll be almost done with the production design, and then I'll scoot over to the animation team.


4 new sketches/doodles + 1 new 2D artwork. a couple of robots, a dead cowboy and a zombie running.


Finally I have managed to set up a next/previous button when viewing artwork. I don't know why, but i have had massive problems getting my head around the PHP coding required to make it work. Now it works, and I'm happy. I hope this will encourage people to stay a couple of minutes more, to see some more stuff.


I am working at A-Film (danish company) at the moment. For the past month I have been modeling in 3D Studio Max, which have been a bliss compared to modelling in Maya - but I am not looking forward to the animation, mostly because we use TCB. It sucks so hard. Anyways the project is called "Rejsen til Saturn" - "the Journey to Saturn" and it will star many of the comedians from danish television, and it will NOT be a movie for children, even tho it is animation. so all you weird parents who went to see "Terkel i Knibe" with their children ... heads up!


I've uploaded a couple of new things and updated the "worked on" list. The last month I have been doing a music video for a danish band called "Band Ane". The video has been and will be shown on MTV, and other danish channels throughout July. afterwards T'll tube it, so everyone can get a glance.


The animation section and 3D-images section have been updated. Plus the list of stuff I have been/am working on has grown as well.


Oh and by the way- the list of projects i have worked on has grown a bit as well.


The contact page has been abused by some external batch-something-something, and has therefor been terminated. my mail-address still works though, so do not hesitate to contact me if necessary.


The interface has been updated. the doodles section has been deleted, but sketches are now view-able in the 2D images-section.


There are still major problems with the uploading of images.


Some problems have occured while trying to program the upload modules.


Almost all images from the old sota.dk site has been transferred to the new one.


A total renovation of the original sota.dk homepage has been made. Sota.dk has now become a personal portfolio page for me as it should be.