Project cOLORs - Images - 2024

A large set of softly fading color combinations, specifically made for the Windows slideshow screensaver and desktop backgrounds. Use them for whatever!
All images has been slightly dithered to avoid banding and fit modern display resolutions.


Download the images here: stuff/ProjectColors

PROXEMIT - Game - 2014

In a world of darkness you are caged in prison-pod. Emit specs of light to find your way, upgrade your prison-pod, explore and discover the truth of this dark place. Endure the perils and decipher the strange world of PROXEMIT to finally see the light and feel the fresh air on your skin ~ once again.


Download the game here( PROXEMIT on
Download the game here(Local):

Starfish Rig - Article - 2014

Article describing a very simple yet powerful way of creating a rigged humanoid character primarily for use in video games.

Enjoy - feel free to share and please contact me with comments or enquiries.

Read the article here: Starfish Rig article (Online)
Get the PDF here: Starfish Rig article (PDF)

Animation Tag Attack - Episode 3 - 2010

ATA is an "Exquisite Corpse", a project which changes hands numerous times of the course of production. Mads Juul, Christen Bach and I have for many years had a fantasy of doing an Exquisite Corpse, not together though, since I've not known those two great artists longer than a couple of years. My affection for such a project started when I realized that Heavy Metal was something that had gone through many artists hands before completion. So: Hey that is interesting.
Christen was primus motor on this, and therefore took the bold decision to start it all off. He created ep1, Mads Juul created ep2 and I took care of ep3 before the project went abroard.

Watch Episode 3 here: ATA Episode 3 on youtube

Watch it all at: Animation Tag Attack

WTF Action - 2009

WTF Action is a simple, crappy and cheap flash animation made for the soul purpose to just make something. It was super fun to make and super fast, even though it took me years to finish I only worked on it for a couple of weeks all in all. It is located on Newgrounds where it got over 50.000 views in a short amount of time. I know it's not much, but it fealt good at the time.

Watch the mini short at: WTF Action

Red and Boxbot Responds - 2007

Red and Boxbot Responds was made during a 48 hour 3D jam in German city Stuttgart. S�ren Bendt and I created everything you see in this piece, except the girl who was provided as a "requirement" for all contestants. Her face was so awkwardly horrible to look at so we covered it up with geometry pretty fast.

Watch the short at: Red and Boxbot Responds